Any Home You Want in As Little As 25-45 Days. All Credit Qualifies

Any Home You Want in As Little As 25-45 Days. All Credit Qualifies

Get Your Dream Home Even with Bad Credit. Any Home in Loanable Condition.

Stated Income. All Credit Qualifies. Get any home in loanable condition for sale in Texas – even a brand-new home.

How It Works

PROVIDE BASIC DATA : Take your FIRST STEP by completing the data form below.

SCHEDULE : Schedule a time to meet with us to learn how our proven system works.

RECEIVE : Get the keys to your home of choice and a deed in your name with as little as 15% down.

Home Buyers

Learn How To Get Your Home of Choice

Complete Data Form & Instantly Download A Free eBook on Unique Owner Financing Program

Once you submit the data form, you'll be able to download a 50-page eBook explaining how to leverage a unique, 3rd party owner financing program to buy a home regardless of your credit situation.

A unique owner financing system to help you buy any Texas home

A real estate training agency, TL Global teaches families to leverage a unique third-party owner financing system to buy any single-family home in loanable condition in Texas.

Proven System

Proven System to Overcome All Credit Challenges

  • A family’s life is dramatically impacted by the school district and the home they choose.

  • Don’t let you credit situation stop you from getting your dream home – even if it's a brand-new home – in any city or neighborhood in Texas including Houston, Dallas and Austin.

  • We help you learn how to overcome credit challenges and get the home of your dreams.

What Our Clients Say

Dreams Fulfilled

We Have Helped Hundreds of Families in Your Situation

  • Araceli

Araceli and her family relocated from California. Self-employed and unable to qualify for a loan, they used our program to get owner financing on a brand new home.

  • Barbara

Referred by her loan officer, Rick, Barbara was able to finally get her dream home on the water in Galveston.

  • Angel & Francis

Angele and Francis bought their first home with owner financing after moving to America just 11 months earlier. They are now enjoying the home with their 3 beautiful children.

  • Angela

After 3 years of being unable to qualify for a home loan, Angela's realtor referred her to Til Lowery, who helped her to finally buy her "miracle home”.

Want to Learn How TL Global System Works?

Grab a copy of this must-read book if you've struggled to get traditional bank financing to purchase your dream home. Authored by our founder Til Lowery – a real estate investor, trainer, and humanitarian – the book shares details of the revolutionary TL Global System - a proprietary real estate strategy that has become a social conscious movement.

Google-verified Reviews

I am so grateful for the people behind this business. If you guys are really looking into getting a home, you must check them out. They help you with all your questions and would treat you like a VIP!!!

Frances Macalinga

Everyone you meet is exceptional and helpful! Helps you understand the process and offers great options too. Easy to do business with.


Great people to deal with. Always from a place of help. thumbs up!

Tricia Angela

Events & Community Participation

We create a win-win situation for credit-challenged home buyers, investors & Realtors. We and our partners work together to bring positive change to the society and engage in socially responsible real estate investments. We have a common goal, that is to help financially-disciplined families overcome credit challenges and realize their American dream of homeownership.

Our System


We do the same thing over and over with massive success.

We’ve helped hundreds of families in similar situations. You are in good hands!

You work with licensed professionals that know the business and our system.

Disruptive Approach

Here’s how TL Global training program stands out

Our system stands out from a typical owner financing program where you need to choose from a limited inventory of homes, make balloon payments and pay pre-payment penalties. In our program, you can buy any single-family home (in loanable condition) listed on the market. You pay monthly installments just like you do when you buy with a conventional home loan. It helps you rebuild credit. And, you can refinance with a conventional lender any time.

  • Buy any single-family home listed on the market. The home must be in loanable condition.

  • Texas’s most flexible alternative financing program.

  • Licensed Realtors and lenders to help you every step of the way.

  • Pay down your owner financing loan just like a conventional mortgage.

  • No pressure. Pay off the loan without worrying about pre-payment penalties. No Balloons.

Win-Win for All

Fix Your Credit, Build Equity

  • Your Payments Are Reported to Credit Bureaus

    A note servicing agency collects monthly payment. These payments are reported to credit bureaus. So, our program helps you rebuild your credit.

  • 30-year Amortization Period

    You can pay your owner financing loan over a period of 30 years. You'll pay a monthly fixed installment, so you'll know how much you need to budget for your home. You can pay off any time if your credit is good enough to qualify for a conventional lender.

  • Fixed Interest Rate

    No surprises there. You commit to a fixed rate. No balloon payments.

“I wanted to provide quality education to my children. I realized it wouldn't be possible if I didn't live in a good school district. The problem was I couldn't qualify for a home loan. Til from TL Global came to my rescue and helped me buy the house of my dreams...”

Antonia Cox & family

Verified TL Global Customer


The TL Global System is a proprietary, FULL DISCLOSURE system that allows a homebuyer to get the home of their choice with any credit score.

  1. You MUST be represented by a Realtor that is certified to use the TL Global System. An investor will buy your home of choice. You MUST confirm that your Realtor is trained and certified to use the TL Global System prior to scheduling an appointment.
  2. You must have a minimum of 20% cash.
  3. You must complete training in person, score a minimum of 90% on a test, and have a positive attitude. All decision-makers must be present at the training so be sure to come with your spouse.
  4. A certified TL Global trainer must confirm that everything makes sense and endorse you.

Yes. If you’ve been shut out of the lending industry you can still get your home of choice by using the TL Global System. A private individual that has good credit who can qualify for a loan will buy your home.


No there are none. You can live in the property; you can sell the property; you can lease the property; you can refinance the property at any time.

Forget about applying for a loan. Forget about qualifying for a loan. Your cash is your credit.

The investor will foreclose.

If you want to take Title to the home in your name you need to get a new homeowners policy naming you as the primary insured and the investor as an additional insured.

You need to be aware of the total debt and the interest-rate and the terms.

Yes. Bilingual realtors are also available if needed. The realtor is a free service for you because they’re paid for by the seller. A buyer’s agent will represent your interests to help you get the best possible price.

Yes. Your cash is your credit. You will not be asked for tax returns or bank statements.

Yes. Your credit will not be used to qualify. There is no loan application. There is no loan application fee. Your cash is your credit.

An investor with strong credit will buy your home of choice and transfer title.

Every investor is represented by a licensed realtor.

The founder and creator of the proprietary TL Global System is Til Lowery. She is a 30 year agent/broker in Houston, Texas. She is a successful investor, a top wholesaler and the owner of Creative TLC Realty. She is also the author of a best-selling book with Brian Tracy called Secrets of Wealth.

30 to 45 days after inspection is typical but in some cases, it could take 60 days. Processing for New homes is faster.

No. TL Global is a training company. TL Global is an education provider. The realtor, the homebuyer, the wholesaler, and the investor all have to be trained how the TL Global System works.

TL Global employs professional trainers which provide highly accurate real estate training the same way every time. All parties must understand how the TL Global System works and are required to pass a competency test with a minimum score of 90%. When all parties are properly trained the entire process goes smoothly and quickly.

A wholesaler is an investor that contracts to buy homes and assigns contracts to other investors. A certified TL Global wholesaler uses a rubberstamp process so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time they do a transaction. Repetition results in never ending improvement, efficiency and professionalism. Using the TL Global system gives all parties the benefit of no surprises.

Yes. In fact it is approved for use in 28 states.

Yes. You have to be trained in person by a certified TL Global Trainer. After training is completed you must pass a test in person to make sure you understand how everything works. This is for quality control. Everything must be done the same way every time.

Yes. The good news is the TL Global System is WIN-WIN-WIN. You pay a fair and reasonable fixed fee for services rendered. You will learn the exact details at training.

The TL Global System has incredible terms which include a fixed rate with no prepayment penalty and no balloon. If you research Google and look for low-doc loans you will find they are similar. Typically, they want you to have 35% equity, 13-14% interest rates (and higher is typical), prepayment penalties, 1-2 year balloons, they don’t want to deal with owner-occupied’s, and they still want to verify your income and credit. The TL Global System has none of this.

Yes. All decision makers need to be present. This can include your parents, grandparents, and accountant.

Approximately 90 minutes. Please allow extra time to have all your questions answered.

Your realtor will be provided a preapproval letter for a trust to purchase your home of choice.

Yes. If you decide to enroll to use the TL Global System you must pay a fee. Paying a fee means you are serious. It means you are ready to go. It means there will be no surprises. It means there will be no rejections. It means your realtor will not be wasting their time. It’s a win-win system.

Yes. The TL Global System works with almost every builder in Texas.

Yes. You can get a new home or any resale home as long as it is in loanable condition.
If there is a big hole in the roof or no AC or no flooring that’s a problem. The TL Global System is not for rehab homes, condos, mobile homes, or flood homes. It is also not used for land purchases.
The TL Global System is geared for single family homes.

NO. Foreign nationals invest billions of dollars in US real estate annually. The TL Global System does not require an SSN or an ITIN.

Complete Data Form & Instantly Download A Free eBook on Unique Owner Financing Program

Once you submit the data form, you'll be able to download an eBook explaining how to leverage a unique, 3rd party owner financing program to buy a home regardless of your credit situation.